Snow Fall

Hello everyone~

Today was a very snowy Saturday. The first “real” snowfall since the end of last year…and quite icy as well. It’s the first time I was permitted to leave work early due to the weather conditions. I’m so thankful I have understanding and considerate bosses.

This week went well overall. I was able to update my bullet journal (though I’ll admit I wasn’t able to update it every day HOWEVER it helped me a GREAT deal with being organized). I have not given up on it and I do think I’ll change my weekly spread because while I liked the one I had created for this week, I do not think it’s as efficient as it could have been. Nevertheless, that’s the great part about bullet journaling… you get to make it up as you go along. I feel as though it’s also great for just getting to learn more about yourself as a person. Though I’m not expert, I’ll share some of my spreads soon. 🙂

I’m also proud of myself because I did work out this week (well once on Wednesday) but I’m still sooooo sore! But in a good way, that means I’m on my way to making some gains!!…I think (?) haha I also reached my goal of drinking lots of water everyday this week. Even though I couldn’t do it constantly in the morning like I had planned I did make sure to push through and get it into my system before the day was out. Hiphip hooray for small accomplishments!

How was everyone else’s week? I’d love to hear about it. ^-^

Until next time



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