2 to the 0 it’s 2017!

Happy New Year Everyone!!

It’s a new dawn to a new day and I am so excited to see what this year has in store!

Despite the drama from 2016…I am aspiring for a more improved version of myself….(aren’t we all on January 1st of every year? haha)

Instead of creating a typical list of “new years resolutions” for myself I am planning to be successful in the new lifestyle aspirations I have set for myself. I think that with this mindset my goals will be more attainable.

So one challenge for myself is to blog more regularly. As you can see from previous posts I have failed miserably at this. One way to correct this has been to set up a schedule for myself (i.e. Sundays and Saturdays). I also plan to on bullet journaling (I already started).

I also would like to drink more water and work out more (doesn’t everyone?). We shall see if I can actually b….no…perhaps that’s the problem. We always say we wish and hope for things. Let’s be more assertive…

I can and I WILL do this! (and so can you!!)

Happy New Year everyone! May you all be blessed with nothing but the best this year~



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