2T #2: 따뜻한 느낌/Warm Feeling

번역하는 목요일! (2T) 2번째/Translation Thursday! (2T) #2

한/Kor: (혹시 첫 포스팅 아직 못 봤으면 여기서 크릭 하세요~^^)실수가 있으면 이해해주세요~ 전 외국인이고 이 아름다운 언어를 다 혼자서 공부했거든요


여러분, 안녕하세요!

제 블로그로 돌아오신걸 (아니면 혹시 처음으로 보시는걸^^) 진심으로 감사합니다. 이제 시작할까요?^^

이번주 일요일에 봄이 되었어요. 오늘은 날싸가 참~ 좋아요! (아 그리고 계속 존댓말으로 할게요 그런데 좀 더 노을(?)게요. 왜냐하면 내 생각엔 여러분이랑 좀 더 편하게 지내고싶거든요. 괜찮겠어욤~?^^

난 진짜 더운 날씨는 별로 안 좋아요. 봄하고 여름보단 겨을하고 (아…까먹었네..한국어로 autumn/fall 뭐였죠?!)…아무튼 겨을하고 autumn은 훨씬 더 좋아요. 날씨 더우지않고요 또한 벌레 같은거도 없거든요. ㅋㅋ (벌레 넘~ 싫어용~ >~<).

그런데! 오늘은 밖에서 날씨가 따뜻해서 좋고 느낌도 좋아요~! 난 한국에 있었으면 밭빙수이나 귀여운 카페에서 커피를 한잔 했으면 좋겠어요. 하…언젠가 다시 할수 있어요! 꼭!^^ 난 믿어요.

여러분은 따뜻한 날이 좋아요? 좋아하시면 보통 뭐하세요? 안 좋아하시면 어떤 날씨가 더 좋아해요? 꿍금해요.

댓글로 남겨주세요~ 다음에 또 봐요.



*내가 실수를 많이 한것같아요 ㅠ 이게 실수하면 correction해줄래요?^^ 고마워요~

Eng/영: If you missed my first post in this series please click here.^^

Hello everyone!

I want to sincerely thank you for returning to my blog! (or maybe it’s your first time?^^). Shall I start now?^^

This past Sunday was the start of spring.Today, the weather is quite nice! (Oh, by the way, I’ll continue to use the formal speech but I’ll “lower(?)” it a little. Because I want to become closer to all  of you. That’s okay right?^^

I do not like really hot weather. Rather than spring and summer I prefer winter and (oh…I totally forgot…how do you say autumn/fall in Korean again?!)…anyway I like winter and autumn much better. You know, during these seasons the weather isn’t hot and what’s more, there are no bugs. Haha (I reeally hate bugs >~<).

HOWEVER! Today it’s warm outside and it feels so good! If I was in Korea, I’d have patbingsu (a shaved ice and red bean dessert) and have a cup of coffee at a cute cafe. Sigh~ One day I’ll be able to do that again! Definitely!^^ I believe it.

So, do all of you like warm weather? If you do, what do you usually do on days like this? If not, which type of weather do you like more? I’m curious.

Please leave a comment below and I’ll see you next time.



*I think I made a lot of mistakes this time. 😦 If that’s true would you please help correct me? Thank you~ 🙂


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