Good Saturday Morning!

Good morning everyone! I hope that you all slept well and are ready to start the new day!

I will be working on homework (as my spring break is pretty much over now 😦 ). Yipee………

Despite this sad reality, I did have a wonderful spring break so I’m thankful for that! What are your plans for today? Is anyone going someplace exciting? How did your week go? Did anyone else get to enjoy their spring break?

If you’re like me and have to do homework feel free to leave a comment and we can complain (er…I mean celebrate?) together! hahaha *wink, wink*

Whatever your plans are I hope that you all have a wonderful day filled with lots of joy (and productivity!)

Love Always,


*Please Note: I didn’t take this photography but I really like the composition. This style is one of the looks I hope to achieve while doing my 3MA (3 Month Acquisition) challenge. I’ll write more about how to get free photos for your blog in my next post! Stay tuned~


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