3 Month Acquisition. Ready.Set.GO!

Hi everyone!

So I’ve decided to actually set this blog on a specific path. Previously my posts have been random. But I’ve found a way to provide a little more of a foundation for 2Smile2Live.

First and foremost, I have to give credit to my

dad for the idea.

When talking to him about careers for myself and the importance of having a marketable skill, he told me about the time in which he taught himself something new for a year. Well, since I’m running out of time to put in a solid year’s worth of hard work to acquire several skills before entering the job market, I’ve decided to break the time frame into 3 month segments! And thus begins my 3 Month Acquisition Challenge/Series!


For the first set of 3 months (March 16th 2016 – June 16th 2016) I’m going to combine Korean language learning  (though I already started a few years ago, 제가 한국말하고 문화를 엄~~청 좋아하거든요!^^) along with photography/videography! I love taking pictures and editing videos, however I want to improve so that my enjoyment of these two hobbies can become marketable.



To log my progress I will update all of you via my posts.

I will have a series called Translation Thursdays (I will start tomorrow). On these days, I will write a post in Korean with the English translations. The posts will probably start off small at first but the goal is to increase the length as I improve.

I will also show you the photographs and videos that I create. I’m still deciding on which social media platform to use for the videos. I’m not sure how long the videos can be on WordPress so I might create a YouTube channel and provide the link to them here.

I hope that this excites and inspires you. The goal is not to become an expert in 3 monthsInstead, the goal is to be able to confidently and successfully add a new skill (or hobby) to your repertoire within 3 months.

Please wish me luck! Or
Or buena suerte or
아자 아자 화이팅~!

I can’t wait to get started!





2 thoughts on “3 Month Acquisition. Ready.Set.GO!

    1. Thank you so much for showing my page some love! I’m so glad I found your Instagram post and I’m looking forward to learning a lot from you! ❤ thank you again 😀


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