What 2Smile2Live is & Why I Blog

I do not know how to “adult.”

And before you “non-90s” folks start to panic don’t worry, “adulting” is

NOT a euphemism for adultery. I have no intention nor desire to ever learn how to do that. Instead learning how to “adult” means…. well… learning how to become an adult! (Which I’m hearing from more and more “adultier adults” each day that they don’t even have it all figured out. HA! Go figure…

Now, let’s get on to some key facts!

Fact #1: I’m currently 23 years old, a grad student, and have not figured out all of the necessities of life or what I want to do exactly in life.

Pro: That’s okay! I do have goals and plans (to teach English abroad/travel, to become the best version of me….soooo cliche xD but really!)
Con: Personally, it’s kind of…..scary…….the unknown..*cue the scary “ooohhh” sounds effects*

Fact #2: There are many things I enjoy

Pro: That will allow me to offer my readers of variety of topics that will hopefully be of interest to them. (Things to be covered will range from: foreign language learning, spoken word poetry, photography, cooking, traveling, random life tips & tricks, music, etc). This can also be a blog tailored to the interest of my readers. I’d love to learn along with & from you! *i.e. suggestions are always welcome!*
Con: If you (fellow reader) are looking for a blog that only focuses on ONE topic, then this might not be your cup of tea. :/

Fact #3: The title of my blog is part of my daily aspiration.

Pro: Learning to smile in life is such a key skill to have. Not only is smiling amazing, and contagious (in a good way), but it also has no cons. ^_^v
Con: Well, unless you are being accused of something you didn’t do…then by all means don’t smile. hahaha…oops :P.

Fact #4: This blog is a learning process and not meant to be perfect. It represents life in the most honest way.

Pro: I will not trick you into thinking I have it all figured out. I’m telling you honestly that I don’t. But I hope that you can see my growth and progress as I continue on my life (and blogging) journey.
Con: If you want instant perfection, this blog is not for you haha. This blog is about learning how to live life with a bright attitude and not being afraid to mess up sometimes.


Well, that’s pretty much all I have to say for now. Like I said, this blog is a continued work in progress (the key word being progress.) *wink, wink*

If anyone has any additional questions or suggestions I’d be more than happy to answer/receive them! I hope that you all have a wonderful day and thank you so much for reading.

With Much Love,


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