Sallie Mae “Pay” Back

So about two days ago, my best friend introduced me to a song that she recently found.

I have now deemed it to be my new motivational “student anthem.” 

If you my dear reader:

(A) Have student loans


(B) Have previously had the displeasure of knowing all too well what it once felt like….

…and have not yet heard of this song… take a listen and then please come back to this post and let me know your thoughts. ^_^

*Also for those of you who have paid off all of your student loans, please feel free to share any tips/advice for other readers. 😀

**And for those who are paying them off now or will have to soon, feel free to de-stress and complain freely below!

Let’s motivate each other and DEFEAT Sallie Mae once and for all!!

Edit: My best friend, who so graciously told me about this wonderful song, has also just started a blog ! And yes, I’m promoting her of my own freewill haha. Please go show her blog some love. You won’t be disappointed ^_~


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