For Sleepless Nights

Goodnight (morning?) everyone^^.

I just wanted to share something with you all before I head off to recharge for another day. (Jeez…maybe I’ve been using my computer too much lately…)

Anyway, sometimes while doing my homework (and more recently when going to sleep), I like to listen to the sounds of nature.

I find myself listening to the aquatic sounds most nights however, I enjoy a great variety non-aquatic sounds just as much.

Examples: (In addition to waterfalls, beaches, and small streams I also enjoy crackling fireplaces, thunderstorms, birds in the forests, chattering in cafes etc).

I listen to these sounds online because sometimes there is a specific sound I’d like to listen to but cannot easily find right outside my bedroom window (i.e. I think having an full size waterfall built would be quite expensive and just…ridiculous haha).

If anyone is interested in how to find such glorious sounds, here is a YouTube link to the channel I’ve recently been listening to at night in addition to these two: click me and me!

I hope these can be as useful to all of you as it is to me. Feel free to let me know. 😀

Have a wonderful night/day!

4 thoughts on “For Sleepless Nights

  1. I used to listen to such sounds via an app, but I had to stop as I found that it would put me into a very deep sleep. As a result, I would not hear my alarm in the morning–I was so disappointed.


    1. Hi Naomi! Thank you for the response ^_^ I’m sorry to hear that it didn’t work out for you 😔. I find that for me the only alarm that can wake me up in the morning is the old fashioned bell alarm ⏰ (and not one found on a cellphone) . Haha works everytime for me.


      1. Slow reply, sorry! I think I may need to invest in an old school alarm clock, like yourself because I miss using the soothing sounds as a sleep aid.


      2. Haha no worries! I would highly recommend investing in one because it’s saved me a bunch of times. (A key trick is to put it far enough away from you so that you actually have to get up and out of bed just make sure not to travel backwards haha). I bought my alarm clock at Target for a relatively good price. I wish you the best and please keep me posted ^_~

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